Wave Chimes

The Wave chimes were developed after a number of outreach sessions at a young participants home. In the sessions we were able to experiment with the makey makey to trigger sounds through skin to skin contact. The participant was unable to move at all but her mother used very gentle touch to create the sounds. This experience was the inspiration for the wind chimes - a delicate instrument that could be played by the lightest touch.

Check out our tutorial chanel in Youtube

“Sensatronic-Lab enables young people to connect with cultural resources and technological know-how in relation to their own experiences!“

Open Source, Accessible, Adaptable

One of the main aims of the Sensatronic-Lab is to conceive and build new kinds of digital musical instruments, sound producing objects and installations. We work with young people to explore their interests, specific needs and creative ambitions. Through explorations of physical materials, sound and interaction we have begun to develop a number of prototype instruments that are accessible to all but specific to a few individuals. You can explore some of our creations here.