Mathew Ward

Mathew Ward has been the spokesperson, key facilitator and a major creative force while working on Sensatronic-Lab. A blossoming music tutor, TV personality and tutorial mastermind his enthusiasm and passion for music is always evident whichever role he might be fulfilling.

Project People

Sensatronic-Lab is primarily driven by a core group of young people who are supported by or have a connection with the charity Sense Scotland. On this page you can find information on some of these emerging talents and get an understanding of the individual perspectives they bring to the project.

“Thats the key to creating music; hands on control of an instrument otherwise you might as well just be lazy and not play anything!“ Mathew Ward

Jessica Bradley

Jessica‘s strong sense of humour and inquisitive nature has shone through in a number of group and one-to-one music and technology sessions. She has a strong visual art interest experimenting with ceramics to create her own unique xylophone. This was the inspiration for an amazing Sensatronic-Lab music experiment using contact microphoness and roof tiles in a low-tech meets high-tech mashup, you can see the Sensatronic team warming up the slates below!

“Jessica‘s movements became more and more intentional whilst triggering the sequences of sounds and her involuntary movement seemed to reduce as she made fluent sweeping patterns or slow outward stretches “

David McCluskey


Never one to hide at the back, Monica makes sure the camera is always running when she is performing. With a keen sense of rhythm and bags of energy Monica has made the Korg ‘Clip-Hit’ her own. By attaching this intuitive piece of kit to her feet (the Clip-Hit is essentially a contact-mic driven drum machine) Monica stomps out the essential beats that keep the group in time and on their toes!

“Are you recording this!?“



Bass, Bass and more Bass - Zamam is profoundly deaf but his love of music is probably all the more evident because of this. He has been enjoying being part of group sessions where he controls low bass frequencies through sub-woofer speakers and dynamic headphones. We‘re working on a specially designed chair that will allow Zamam even more control and contact with deep vibrations.

Dylan Kelso

Dylan is a natural improviser and musician. His ambitions are modest; sell as many records as possible in order to finance the launch of his utopian space station hotel into outer space. He’s also the co-creator of our ever evolving range of pizza box instruments which came about through experiments in making different kinds of triggers from left over packaging.  

Sylvia getting some great feedback from the clip hit


Rhys works in a very logical way. He loves to work out how something works and once he has control he finds really interesting ways of making his own sounds. Here hes experimenting with a ‘Hot Hands‘ Bluetooth midi controller.


Bo is five years old boy who is deafblind. Over the last six weeks he has been participating in a weekly one-to-one session through the project. In this clip he explores the box drum for the first time.

“It is a very isolating world to be deaf and blind and Bo has only recently found passion and drive for music, the one to one sessions with David are invaluable, and he gets so much from them, he particularly responds well to these sessions and has obvious delight going to and being in them. He's part of something very special”.

(Lucy Cox, Bo’s mum)


"Do you want to be in my band"